Sales Strategies for Rochester Home Improvement Contractors

Marketing and lead generation can create significant interest from homeowners who are thinking about a project. Do you have a plan for managing the lead process and determining which prospects are most likely to move forward with their project? Or developed a strategy to close deals without chasing down prospects for a decision?

Learn about the Up Front Contract as a concept to keep everyone on the same page and prevent you from wasting time on projects that aren’t moving forward.

Development of a sophisticated sales strategy goes hand-in-hand with lead generation efforts to produce profitable customers. Get started now by calling Eric @ 348-8421.

Lead Generation Websites

Want a top performing lead generation website for your business? >>

Small businesses need their websites to bring in new customers. Now that everyone who is competing is online, it’s not enough to just send traffic to your web pages. You have to engage the visitor and encourage them to take action, whether that be to call your office or fill in the contact form. Improving your “Page Conversion Rate” is the task of developing a quality lead generating web site.

We specialize in persuasive marketing copy for your web pages. Each page should contain a specific call to action that is linked through SEO efforts to the targeted keywords and tags. The objective is to produce the maximum number of qualified leads from available traffic.

A properly developed and managed website becomes a business asset by producing new customers and helping formulate and shape a brand image to your customers. Getting started is more affordable than you think, often less than the cost of a single print ad.